Business terms and conditions

The validity of a claim

These general terms and conditions apply to orders placed on for goods and services from the Topclass Shop.

We normally process orders within five to eight working days (Monday – Friday). It can sometimes take up to ten days, depending on the availability of the goods in the warehouse. It is the postal service that is responsible for the delivery. Because the delivery time depends on the work of the local post office, we cannot influence it.

Try the goods on, examine them, make sure they fit you well, and only then remove the foils and labels. If the goods don’t fit, send them back without removing the foils and labels.

Make sure to keep all of the packaging you received the goods in. Should you need to make a warranty claim, you must return the product in the same packaging as you received it. Make sure all parts of your order are packed properly if you are returning the goods. We will check the condition of the returned goods and if the original packaging is present, you will receive a refund within 14 (fourteen) days of the return.

Since this is a hygiene item, we will not accept returns or exchanges after the 14-day return period has expired. We can only refund or exchange a product if there is a valid reason (e.g. you received a different model than you ordered. If this is the case, we will take the product back to be repaired or exchanged.

Please take a video recording of your goods. The video should not exceed 30 seconds. Based on this video recording, we can verify the condition of your goods and explain our willingness to exchange them for another model.

If you want to select a different model, you do not have to place a new order, but instead email us the link (copy the web address) containing the desired model.

5.3.3. If our decision is positive, you may return your goods to us with the following information: Order number – if you are exchanging your goods; order number – if you are seeking reimbursement.

5.3.4. The original packaging should not be damaged.

We do not accept returns unless we have agreed to do so.

As part of a guarantee, we (seller) must receive the goods back. We check the goods and if there are any defects that can be repaired, we assume the repair costs.

Up to four weeks are required for inspection, repair, or exchange.